The industrial complexes located along Seto inland sea coast in Yamaguchi Pref. have been a driving force behind the industrial development of Japan, after World War Ⅱ, by specially producing various kinds of basis raw materials, as so-called “a manufacturing prefecture”.

 On the other hand, the environmental problem such as CO2 emission due to the fossil fuel consumption by those industrial activities has been a grovel issue to be resolved. Therefore roles of innovation in science and technology has been further enlarged to overcome those environmental issues.

 In such environmental surrounding us, we have worked on creation of innovation basis of “Material-cycle” which originates regional energy from domestic resources” H2 and CO2” generated in chemical complexes. These efforts about not only R&D but also human resource development are working on now drastically and are supported partially by MEXT as” Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program”.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Masanobu Azuma

  Masanobu Azuma

  Innovation Promotion Center
  Environment and Energy Promotion Team
  Project Producer