Development of Human Resources

Development of Human Resources for Regional Industries

 At Yamaguchi University, in collaboration with local industrial enterprises, as a human resource supporting "Setouchi Manufacturing Technology Base (Chemistry, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies of small or medium-sized factories)" that has been developed mainly by the petroleum and coal chemical industries, we develop human resources with future innovation talented personnel and also develop those with plant crisis management ability that is responsible for stable operation and maintenance and management of the petroleum / coal chemical industrial complex and facilities etc.



Program for Development of Human Resources

Fundamental Course for Innovative Generation

Training of human resources who have the ability to effectively utilize advanced expertise useful in practice in the industry effectively, establish themselves in this region and create the next generation innovation

 Student in postgraduate doctor course

Advanced Course for Plant Crisis Management 

 Training of human resources with advanced factory crisis management capabilities that are responsible for stable operation and maintenance and management of facilities etc. at plants etc. within the complex of the Yamaguchi prefecture area

Person who is engaged in plant management work
Person who is scheduled to be assigned or student